Though crime against elderly persons especially the violent crimes appear to be common, these crimes are in fact a rare occurrence. Offences of this nature disturb the whole society. If your relative is an elderly person, you can help him / her feel safe, both at home and outside, by sparing some of your time. You must install confidence in the elderly. On the other hand, if you yourself are an elderly person, the following precautions taken could avoid danger:

  • Make your home a secured place by using security gadgets
  • Be friendly with your neighbours. If you enquire about their welfare, they will enquire about your welfare and security. Try to be friendly with your beat constable
  • Do not allow strangers or fresh acquaintances into the house, who may come on the pretext of enquiring about your welfare, or who may claim to be friends of your family members. Ask them to come back when your family members are at home
  • Do not keep valuables are large amounts of cash in the house and do not let anyone know that the valuables are in the house. It is safe to keep the valuables and cash in Bank
  • While employing servants in the house, ensure that the servants have proper references and after informing the jurisdictional police station, employ them Whenever you go out for a walk or for other work, take somebody with you. Avoid going out alone